Evolution of FOSS in Libraries of Pakistan by Muhammad Shafiq Rana & Prof. Dr. Rubina Bhatti,

Topic of Research Paper: Evolution of FOSS in Libraries of Pakistan

  1. Muhammad Shafiq Rana PhD Scholar,
    Library & Information Science, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  2. Prof. Dr. Rubina Bhatti, Chairperson,
    Department of Library & Information Science, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

The history of free and open source software (FOSS) traced back in 1990 with the introduction of Library Automation Management Program (LAMP). Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) development has brought an evolution in the field of Library & Information Science (LIS) in Pakistan. This presentation expresses a historical development, self-customization and adopting of library automation and information communication technology for the library services. Free and open source software movement determined a hallmark for the library outreach services as well. Free and open source software make possible the venues of new learnings about Library Automation, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Web Servers, Programming Languages, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Graphics, Games, Networking, and System Administration. Free and open source software movement is exceptionally prevalent in libraries around the globe. Libraries have been privileged with Free and Open Source Software including Integrated Library Software, Digital Library Management, Content Management, Inter-Library Loan Management, Document Delivery Services, and other electronic administrations around the globe.
This presentation provides a glances about the history about Micro CDS/ISIS Developed in 1980, software used in Pakistani Libraries in 1990 and Library Automation Management Programme (LAMP) from 1991-96 as a First commercial library software in Pakistan, which motivated LIS professionals to initiate the FOSS movement in library science in Pakistan – 2005/06.
FOSS learning and its implementation also promoted the LIS professional around the country as well as abroad. It is also become the source of research production in the various fields of LIS. This presentation is also a saga of the FOSS contributors, Entrepreneurs/sole bakers and a glance on the usages of LAMP, WINISIS/CDS/ISIS, GSDL, Koha, and DSpace in the libraries. FOSS advancement in the libraries also
Key Words: FOSS, ILS Software, Open Source Movement, LAMP, WINISIS/CDS/ISIS, GSDL, Koha, DSpace, Libraries, Pakistan.
Type: Presentation

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