Open Source Software Vs Commercial Software: A comparative Analysis of EndNote X8 and Mendeley Citation Managers


Open Source Software Vs Commercial Software:  A comparative Analysis of EndNote X8 and Mendeley Citation Managers By Zeeshan Ullah


Citation management software play vital role in the management of research activities especially in report writing and storage of bibliographic data. The purpose of this study was to determine the key features of both EndNote X8 and Mendeley Desktop reference managers. Both software were downloaded, installed and analyzed thoroughly to dig out the strength and weaknesses of both the tools. The key factors of the analysis procedure were; its availability online, access, search facility, citation styles, synchronization, support, updating, availability of mobile apps, integration with Microsoft word, detection of duplicate citations, Import and Export facility, cost, Sharing, research discovery tools, and social networking tool. It was found that as far as references search and management of references is concerned Mendeley is considered the best software. It can also be used as a tool to find research papers, which may be hard to find on Google. Mendeley has a very smart files renaming feature. On the other hand, when we talk about inserting the citations in word, unlimited cloud storage for research data EndNote is still leading in the market.

Keywords: EndNote X8, Mendeley Desktop, Citation Managers, Citation Management Tools, Reference Managers, Comparison of the EndNote and Mendeley, Open Source Software, Commercial Software

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