Usability of Library Management System (LMS): A Case Study of Government College University Libraries Lahore, Pakistan


Usability of Library Management System (LMS): A Case Study of Government College University Libraries Lahore, Pakistan

 Sadaf Rafiq

Department of Libraries, Government College University Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Khan

Department of Library and Information Science, University of Sargodha, Pakistan

Introduction/Background of the Study

 In Pakistan libraries are using variety of software and most of them are in-house developed but they are developed without any coordination and standard.  The use of library automation software is still in process. The reasons behind this slow process are lack of standard software, multilingual collection, insufficient budget, software piracy, computer literacy and lack of support from vendors. Librarians in Pakistan are interested in open source software and they want its low-cost training and support. They demand to formulate consortium under the umbrella of the Government of Pakistan to provide standard software, its technical support and up-gradation to meet the needs of Pakistani libraries (Siddique and Mahmood, 2014).  Public and private sector libraries are putting their effort to automate their libraries equally within the last decade. LIMS (Library and information management software) is the most preferred and used software while the other popular software is WINISIS, InMagic, KOHA and Virtua. Majority libraries did not provide all modules of software. They provide only cataloguing modules and perform other library activities manually. But unfortunately, Pakistani libraries have no choice expect to compromise on open source software (Siddique and Mahmood, 2015).  Currently most of the Pakistani university libraries are using integrated library software which are in-house developed and customized on different databases system but they are non-standard software. Even in the University of the Punjab libraries used non-standard software MLIMS which is also in-house developed. Only few libraries are used open source software KOHA in their libraries successfully. They further reported that library school are not providing training to use open source software to their students and when their students worked in libraries, they faced problems (Siddique and Mehmood, 2016).

Government College University Library is one of the oldest library which is offering variety of online information resources for its users.  To automate the library services, Library Management System was purchased in 2002.  It is fully implemented in the library to offer automated services to the library users.  The current study is aimed at investigating the usability of LIMS and gratification of library professionals at GCU, Lahore.

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